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ICh. H´Aran Horpa Tashi Bodjul - ARANEK



* 06.12.2000

colour: sable

HD - A/A

PRA and cataract - clear (13. 4. 2011)

patella luxation - 0/0


CCL - clear (TIHO Hannover)

CCL - clear (OFA Missouri)

PLL - clear

PRA/rcd4 - carrier

breeder: Eva Pravdova, Lodherov

kennel Tashi Bodjul

co-owner: Eva Pravdova

photo: 8 years and 9 months

Aranek is our hoard. He like walkings in nature, drive in a car and love dog shows.

Aranek is very good, friendly, he like children, cats, snow and sleeping.

Of course - he is very successful in shows:


International Champion

European Winner 2005

World Veteran Winner 2009, 2011

Czech Champion

Slovak Champion

Polish Champion

Austrian Champion

Slovak Junior Champion

Czech Grand Champion

Slovak Grand Champion

Czech Veteran Champion

Slovak Veteran Champion

Slovak Junior Champion

Club Champion TTC

Club Champion SKCHTaF

2 x ClubWinner TTC

Top TT male of the Year 2004, 2007, 2009

Top TT 2001 - 2010

TOP Veteran 2009 - 4th place

2 x Club Winner SKCHTaF

6 x National Winner

Best male TT in Club Winner Show 2004

2 x Special Show Winner

Danubius Winner

Winner of Memorial E. Maternova

21 x Best veteran

32 x BOB

25 x CACIB

res. CACIB

multi x CAC, CWC, CAC SK

2 x CACA

res. CACA

Success in final ring:

BIS Junior male of Memorial Eva Maternova (Mlada

Boleslav 2001)

BIS (Sobeslav 2005)

BIG 3 (Nat. show Brno 2002)

BIG 3 (Nat. show Olomouc 2007)

BIG 3 (CAC Banská Bystrica 2007)

BIS Veteran 3 (CAC Nowa Ruda 2008)

BIS Veteran (CACIB Brno 2009)

BIS Veteran (CAC Nitra 2009)

BIS Veteran (Club Show Remata 2009)

res. BIS Veteran (Nat. show Brno 2009)

BIS Veteran 4 (CACIB Praha 2009)

BIS Veteran 3 (CACIB Velka Ida 2011)

res. BIS Veteran (CACIB Mlada Boleslav 2011)

BIS Veteran 3 (CAC Swiebodzice 2011)




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