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Our family

Velcome to our website!

Our family live in the house in the South Czechia in the little village Zahori near the town Veseli nad Luznici and has now six members: two adults, two children and two dogs. Both our Tibetans live inside with us and sleep in our beds and play with our children.

My first tibetan terrier H´Aran Horpa Tashi Bodjul (ARANEK) was born in the year 2000 by my sister-in-law Eva Pravdova in top Czech kennel Tashi Bodjul. His mather come from Finland, his father come from Switzerland and now live in Germany.

My second tibetan terrier Pam-Zamirin Noisette (NOISY) was born in the year 2005 by our friend Pirjo Mäki in Finnish kennel Pam-Zamirin. Her muther come from noted English kennel Araki, her father live in France.

I thank both breeders (viz photo) for so beuautiful, lovely and very good boon companions.

from the left: me, Eva and Pirjo

Our website are regularly update. You find here information not only on our dogs but also their posterities and more photos of another Ttibetan terriers. I love dogs and like photographing - make sure.

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